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KYMO Instyle Villa is fully committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for both our Guests and Employees and now, more than ever, we are determined to protect you and your loved ones to the highest extent, fully complied with all government directives regarding the sanitation of the villa.



Fill in no later than 23:59 (11.59 PM) of the day before arriving in Greece: https://travel.gov.gr/#/user/login

At KYMO Instyle Villa we treat our guests in the best way and we respond immediately to their needs, especially during these challenging times, when the whole world is affected by the coronavirus spread, we are here to keep you safe during your vacations.

We keep in mind our top priority, making your stay a unique experience. So, we have already applied a series of measures to reduce the spread but most of all to enhance your safety while staying at our Villa. All members of our staff have received the necessary training to comply with the health protocols. Personal protective equipment is provided to all of our employees. The hand sanitation is mandatory for all staff and visitors. And when the time of your visit will come, don’t worry! A certified disinfection and cleaning workshop will disinfect our Villa right before our new visitors arrive! We comply with all the protection and cleanliness measures for you and your beloved ones!

The KYMO Instyle Villa Owners want you to have the ultimate Greek experience when you will visit us! We follow the guidelines of W.H.O. and the Greek government to keep everyone safe and flatten the curve together!

And when the time of your visit will come, don’t worry! A certified disinfection and cleaning workshop will disinfect our Villa right before our new visitors arrive! We comply with all the protection and cleanliness measures for you and your beloved ones!





Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the check out – check in period has been extended:

Check out: 11.00 am

Check in: 15.00 pm



Good practices before swim:

  1. Wash your hands & take a shower
  2. In case you use the toilet, take a shower before entering the pool.
  3. Use your flip flops at all time.
  4. Do not enter the poll in case of skin conditions
  5. Avoid putting your head underwater.

In our attempt to adapt to the new circumstances brought by the Covid -19 coronavirus pandemic, we ask for your understanding and compliance with the measures applied to prevent the Covid-19 coronavirus transmission.



In case of malaise please stay in your room and contact the manager. A doctor should contact you immediately to provide medical help. In case of Covid-19 incident there are medical kits available, which include disposable gloves, masks, wipes, antiseptics, apron, long sleeved robe, laser thermometer

An action plan has already been drafted for you, which complies with the recommendations of Greece’s public health organization – EODY and will be revised according to any new developments. A record is kept with the guests’ details for reasons of protection of public health, in accordance with the greek legislation.

Contact in Case of Emergency – Covid-19 Responsible: Evangelia Vitsaki, tel: +306974830136



If within 30 days before arrival you have paid the balance, but you cannot travel because of proven and confirmed travel restrictions or flight cancellations due to the pandemic, we issue our clients and guests a credit voucher for the amount they have paid. The credit is valid for 12 months and you can reschedule your holidays either later the same year or next year. In this way you do not lose your deposit/ payments or your holidays!

The voucher is valid only in the case of proven and confirmed travel restrictions or flight cancellation because of the COVID-19 pandemic**

** The provision of proven and confirmed travel restriction or flight cancellation mentioned above is met only if:

– There is a nationwide ban on travel from your country to Greece.
– Your holiday destination is on your country’s Foreign Office list of advice against travel countries.

– Your destination is placed on the ‘Red List’ of destinations.
PLEASE NOTE: “green” and “amber” mean that your holiday can go ahead as planned and you must ensure that you comply with the exit and entry requirements of both your country and your holiday destination.

Please note that we will have no liability for any refunds, compensation of costs, expenses or other losses of any kind incurred by you (including, where applicable, the cost of medical treatment), in the following circumstances:

– If, within 30 days before the arrival date, you or anyone in your booking party, test positive for Covid-19 and have to quarantine for a period of time, or you are notified or otherwise become aware that you have, or suspect you may have, come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 (or where they otherwise suspect they may have Covid-19) and have to self-isolate for a period of time you must contact us, as you may no longer be able to travel, in which case you should cancel your reservation.

– If any of the above happens whilst you are on your holiday, we will not be responsible for covering the cost or any associated costs incurred to you, like missed transport arrangements, additional accommodation required, or other.

– If you fail any tests, checks or other measures imposed by a supplier, airline, port or airport, border control authority or other authority or fail to submit for testing or assessment when requested to do so, and as such you are denied entry to board the flight, entry to the destination, access to the services or you are otherwise unable to proceed with the holiday, part or as a whole.



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